Introducing Tiny Human #2!


Right before the baby was born I asked Candy if she thought it would be a boy or a girl.  She said, “I love our choice for a girl name so I’m sure it will be a boy.”

The only thing we had in our birth plan was that she wanted me to tell her the gender:


So when the baby was born I looked at Candy and said, “I’m sorry to say you won’t get to use your girl name, because it’s a boy!”

He was 8 pounds, which is about a pound and a half more than our first.  We thought that was a lot until we heard someone had an 11-pounder over the weekend too!

Everything went VERY quickly.  Candy’s OBGYN said, “Well, that’s a record for me, you have a very impressive uterus.”  Don’t worry, that phrase won’t ever make it into a promotional recording for our radio show. ;) 

Tiny Human #2 is already a lot like Tiny Human #1 was in a few ways. They look a like, have the same tone to their cries, and #2 immediately undoes his swaddled blankets to free his arms – Then he’s comfortable enough to sleep.

The first thing our oldest said upon meeting his new sibling? “”I have a baby brother, I was right!” He was indeed saying he thought it was a boy every day for the last few weeks.

Will try and post a better photo of all of us after we take some tomorrow.  Check back or feel free to “Follow” our blog on the upper right of the page if that’s easier!

Thanks to everyone for your incredible enthusiasm and support!

NOTE: We aren’t posting his name similar to the way we don’t refer to our first Tiny Human by his name on the air.  We chose to be a little more public with our lives – The kids didn’t. Thanks for understanding.  :)


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