Leaving Madison


Dear Q106 Radio Family,

Let’s do this like a band-aid.  With very mixed-emotions we have decided to leave Today’s Q106.

We love Madison and the people so this was a tough decision we didn’t expect to be making.  Believe me, we wouldn’t have bought a new house 7 months ago if we thought we might be leaving!

We have been offered a great job in Seattle, our hometown where most of our family lives.  The opportunity to raise our now 2 kids around grandparents, aunts, and uncles was something we couldn’t pass up.

The last 2 years have been amazing. I know we are giving up a lot of great things, from a great company in Midwest Family Broadcasting to an incredible city in Madison.  The Hole-in-the-Wall Tour, the American Family Children’s Hospital Radiothon, and our Summer Kickoff Cruises will always be some of my favorite memories.


Today’s Q106 is currently searching for a new morning show which we’re sure will fit their high standards for your entertainment. Jackson has recently been promoted to being a full time employee and is expected to remain on the morning show.  I’m gonna miss seeing him every day, but I’m glad the new morning show will be in his good, knuckle-tattooed hands…


Our last day on the air will be January 8th.  Then we’ll be joining The New Hot 103.7 in Seattle. If you’re interested you can get their App here.

We’d love to stay in touch with anyone who’s interested!  Hit us up via any or all of the methods below!

Also feel free to send questions if you have any – We don’t have anything to hide.

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Thank you for listening,

Candy + Potter

Note from Candy:  This sucks, I know. (What more can you say when someone ups and changes your morning routine on you? I get it.) I love Madison and will continue to be a driving tourism force for South Central Wisconsin no matter where I am. I wish there was a scandal to report to make this news more salacious…you can tell people “Candy was fed up with Potter’s daily sexual harassment.” We’re married, so that’s funny…Sorry, I joke when I’m sad.


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51 responses to “Leaving Madison

  • Sonya Tourdot

    Good luck in all your endeavors and good luck with your family and newest addition too. You will be missed a ton! Wishing you the best always and Happy Holidays!

  • Mary Mayville

    Congratulations on the new gig, very excited for you but very sad for us here as we loose the only local morning country radio show. You will be missed incredibly, but as Dorothy says ” there’s no place like home “. Updates on the TIny Humans are my favorite. Good Luck!!

  • Sue

    I was very sorry when John & Tammy left, but was very happy with the duo that they had a part in helping Q106 hire. Now another great duo is leaving Madison. I wish it wasn’t true. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to the two of you and new guy Jackson every weekday morning. Wishing you much success and happiness in your new venture. A very happy holidays to your family. You will be greatly missed. I will definitely get the app so I can continue to listen. Will you still be the morning show? Will Candy be back on the air before yuk leave?

    • Potter

      Thanks for your kind thoughts Sue. We will still be on the morning show (of course it’s 2 hours earlier there so it will be 7:30-11am Madison time). Candy’s maternity leave runs past our last day, but we’re working on a way to have her be on for the last show if we can.

  • Lolita

    You will be missed!

  • Marcia Russell

    UGH…what to say, except you are going to be greatly missed by this family. Who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be around family especially with 2 little ones..I am a new Grandmother and I am so excited for your parents to be able to be around there Grandchildren..what a blessing. And trust me they do come in handy with the babies..:-) I know you will be awesome out in Seattle..We have family as well out there and will sure let them know to tune in..Love and Blessings to you all,
    Roger and Marcia Russell

  • countrysam@comcast.net

    I’m sorry for Madison but…….so WONDERFUL that you’re coming home…….only wish it was a country format……maybe you can slip some in!

  • Robin

    Candy and Potter I am kinda sad to hear that you are leaving Q106, even though I listen online and live in NYS. I learned to love country music when you were working in Seattle the first time. I hope maybe you will be at a country station when you go back, though I suspect it is not country station. I have stalked, nope, followed you from Albany, to Charlotte, to Seattle, to Madison and now back to Seattle! So… “see” you soon! I know your family will look forward to having you back especially now that TH2 is here. Enjoy your holiday and look forward to listening at 103.7!!!!

    • Potter

      The new station isn’t country – It will actually be a lot of the music we were playing in Albany Robin! Thanks for sticking with us – And we’re still country fans too.

  • Peggy Christensen

    Oh, I’m truly excited for you though. Raising your children around family – there is nothing better. We will MISS YOU terribly but wish you only the best in your new endeavors! Seattle is lucky to have you. Godspeed!

  • Renee

    First of all congratulations! Very happy for you. Very sad for me! LOL. I really, really enjoyed you guys in the morning. Glad Jackson is staying on. Best of luck with your move and the new job. Have a wonderful holiday with your tiny humans! :-)

  • Rachael McKenzie

    Awww guys!! First and foremost – congrats!! Children tend to change life a little – don’t blame you for wanting to go back home. Loved listening to you the last couple years, you’ve made me laugh more times than I can count.. Wishing you all nothing but success in your new surroundings – don’t forget about us!

  • Amy Thomas

    Super bummed to hear this news! You are the only morning show in my 20 plus years of daily grinding that I have actually enjoyed and looked forward to. Jackson has some awful big shoes to fill! Good luck in Seattle :(

  • Amy Pidsosny

    Well, my husband has been trying to get me to move back to Seattle, so I guess this is just the impetus I needed! You are the first morning program I have enjoyed since moving here. I am really going to miss you! However, my two little grand babies are here so unless I can figure out a way to get them to come with…I will just tell you I am sure you are going to do great and you are making some grandparents very happy!!! Enjoy “the mountain” when you see it! We miss it a lot! So beautiful!

  • Jennifer Sellek

    I’ll miss you guys on my morning drive to work, especially the text trivia which was always more than amusing listening to Potter guess at the answers. I know how hard it is to be far from family so best wishes to you both!

  • Brad

    Well that just sucks for all of your loyal listeners like myself!! What will I do without the Senseless Survey?? Mornings just won’t be the same. :( Seriously though, I wish nothing but the best for you guys back in your hometown. You’re making all the right decisions for all the right reasons. Nothing is more important than family!

  • sometimessewist

    Going to miss you guys, but so glad your kids will have the chance to grow up with all of that extended family around them. Plus, Seattle is awesome in general, but Winter there is so much more awesome than here. Congrats again on tiny human #2, and congrats on scoring a new job that will take you back home! There’s so much for you to celebrate. – Jess

    • Potter

      Ha…You’re not enjoying today’s high of 12? Seattle is a little warmer, but usually overcast. I’ll definitely miss the sunny days Wisconsin gets in the Winter.

  • Katie Rood

    I’m going to miss listening to you guys! My mornings are always 10x better after listening to you, Candy, and new guy Jackson. Good luck on your new adventure and don’t forget about us Wisconsinites! :-) Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  • Cindy Brandt

    I’m sure going to miss you guys, especially the Senseless Surveys!!! Those are hilarious!!! I recently purchased the CD on-line when it first went on sale. So, when I listen to this CD, I will think of you guys!! Best of luck to you both, as you begin a new life in Seattle. It will be so nice to be close to your family, especially for your children. They grow up so fast as it is, and the opportunity for the grandparents to watch them grow up is priceless. I will stay in touch with you both, via one of the options you mentioned above.

  • Cindy Brandt

    Posting again, as it said my comment was awaiting moderation. I think something went wrong!!!

    I’m sure going to miss you guys, especially the Senseless Surveys!!! Those are hilarious!!! I recently purchased the CD on-line when it first went on sale. So, when I listen to this CD, I will think of you guys!! Best of luck to you both, as you begin a new life in Seattle. It will be so nice to be close to your family, especially for your children. They grow up so fast as it is, and the opportunity for the grandparents to watch them grow up is priceless. I will stay in touch with you both, via one of the options you mentioned above.

  • Jackson

    I’m going to make so many mistakes, it’s going to be awesome!

  • Janet Grady

    You will be greatly missed. Best of luck. Its wonderful to be with family – nothing better, in fact

  • Kat Tromp

    I’m so glad that you will be going “home” and we all wish you well! But now we’ll probably never meet in person :-(! Take good care of the Tiny Humans and keep posting–we’re invested in them now!

  • Cindy

    So sorry to hear you and Candy are leaving, but very happy that you will be home again and near your families!! Love New Guy Jackson, hopefully he will get an awesome duo to work with!! Good luck!!!

  • Michelle Clark

    Candy & Potter, so sad to hear you are leaving, but understand your wanting to be close to family, especially now that you have kids. It will be great for them to grow up around family. I started listening to you in the Spring of 2012 when I moved to Madison and it has been a great way to start each day, as well as listening when I’m at work. The next morning team will have big shoes to fill, and I’m very happy to hear that Jackson will be continuing on the morning show. He has been a great addition to your team. I wish both of you well in your new endeavor!


  • jennifer ford

    this is really sad but I understand and wish u guys the best and lots of luck and happiness.

  • Bee

    Moving back home, definitely can’t pass that up! And Seattle, how lucky!

  • Katelyn Elsing

    Are you kidding me! My mornings are now meaningless! Jackson you better make me proud! They have the best morning show!
    Thank you for all your morning laughs! Here’s to a new beginning and wish you all the best of luck.

    • Potter

      Thanks so much for listening Katelyn! Jackson will be part of the new morning show and I’m confident that once they’re up and running they’ll do a great show and great things for the community in Madison.

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