Thank You Madison and The Q106 Radio Family


Two years ago this month we launched “Candy + Potter Mornings” on Today’s Q106 with a lot of self doubt.

Anytime you’re facing a new audience you never know how you’ll be received. But we used the public speaking trick and pretended everyone was naked (and some of you probably were).  We were met with some expectant hesitation from listeners, but generally we couldn’t have had a much better welcome.  So thank you.

THANK YOU for hanging out with us at our Sweet Suite Parties, the Summer Kickoff Cruises, and the 5:01 Escape Parties.

THANK YOU for joining us on the Hole-in-the-Wall Tour.

THANK YOU for joining our No Shave ‘Til 60 Protest even if your spouses didn’t want you to.

THANK YOU for helping us raise a ton of money for American Family Children’s Hospital.

THANK YOU for listening so we can do this for a living.

Thanks to Jackson, Fletcher Keyes, Super Dave, Justin Brown, Ashley Kix, Mark Van Allan, and the rest of the amazing staff for the last 2 years.  We’re excited to be headed home to Seattle but will take many great memories from our time here.

The new morning show will be starting in a couple weeks – I hope you’ll give them the same welcome you gave us.

If you’d like to keep in touch, please join us on Facebook here, and subscribe to this blog – We’ll post info soon about how you can stream or podcast the show if you’re interested.

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