Secret Show #3

The plan is to record an additional podcast at the end of our show each day (assuming people listen to it).  It will cover things we didn’t get to on the air, things we can’t talk about on the radio for whatever reason, and more.

Today we discussed how the first on-air show went, Jeetz talked about whether or not Seahawk Richard Sherman trash-talked him when they met, and Candy found out a company is trying to copyright her name? Also Potter shares why his 3yo Tiny Human is NOT the reason he’s getting sick.

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2 responses to “Secret Show #3

  • Carrie

    Just downloading SC for my iPhone now. I’ll miss the daily remix podcasts, but probably will enjoy the ‘uncensored’ C+P more. Wish they could be consumed through Downcast, but something is definitely better than nothing. Thanks!

    • Potter

      Carrie – A lot of this is temporary as we get set up. We’ll have a regular podcast feed soon so you’ll be able to listen through Downcast. We’ll also be doing a full show “Daily Remix” type podcast once we’re doing more on the air!

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