Potter’s Soda Challenge: Day 1


My name is Potter, and I LOVE Soda (or Pop if you prefer).  I know it’s not great for me but there are worse things I could be putting into my body right?

Candy (who also happens to be my wife) is concerned about my health and wants me to cut back. Today she became convinced that if I could see visually how much soda I’m drinking I’d probably quit right away. So she asked me to save every can and carry it around with me for a week.

Why in the world would I agree to that? 

Because she offered be a Free Day to do whatever I want, guilt-free. We have 2 boys under 4 at home so that is an AWESOME offer.

Our producer Jeetz is supporting the idea – Not because he cares about my health, but because he wants to see me walking around town with a big bag of empty cans.

So starting today, I will save every can of pop I drink and take it with me. If we’re at a restaurant with fountain drinks I’ll have to get extra cans to represent those glasses to fill my bag (which I can borrow from my Dad). This will last through Sunday.

I have’t promised to quit or cut back, but Candy is hoping seeing how much I’m drinking will shock me into improving my health. Probably not though. 🙂


5 thoughts on “Potter’s Soda Challenge: Day 1”

  1. And it’s diet??? That’s even worse, a friends dad got bladder cancer and they said it was largely due to high consumption of diet soda…no thank you!!

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