Tell Your Therapist

My tiny humans are 4.5 and 1.5 so parenting around our house is still hovering and keeping them alive 24/7.

Occasionally, you’ll say something like, “No spaghetti noodles in the electrical outlet!” OR “No, you can’t pee in your garbage can.” And when those amazing parenting moments happen, I think to myself – someday this tiny human will pay a therapist $300 to tell him that his mom didn’t support his creativity.

Yesterday, I had to tell my tiny human no he couldn’t open every freezer door in the grocery store. As he cried uncontrollably for a minute, the woman behind me said, “You should give that baby some love!”

She seemed shocked when I replied, “Thanks for your unsolicited parental advice.”


One thought on “Tell Your Therapist”

  1. Hi, no idea what I said to offend you, for that I’m sorry. I think you just need to unsubscribe (on your end) from this blog. Can you remember what I said that made you so upset?

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