Podcast, Anyone?

The last 2 days have been a roller coaster of emotions. Losing your job can leave you with an empty feeling inside. One upside of losing a radio job is that in addition to getting support from friends & family, we also have gotten an incredible amount of support from listeners and clients, and for that THANK YOU! You are amazing.


Special thanks to Brandon for the threat/laugh!

We are now figuring out what’s next for Candy and I and of course our family. Will we get a job together again? Will we be on different shows? Will one of us get a job outside of radio? Should we do a podcast in the meantime?

So that’s what I’d like to know – Would a podcast be of any interest to you if we could make that happen? It wouldn’t be super-polished as it would probably be live from our kitchen. We couldn’t take phone calls (my favorite part of our radio show). It would mostly be us sharing our lives.

So…Podcast, anyone?


38 thoughts on “Podcast, Anyone?”

  1. I love to listen to podcasts while I run. Running with you and Candi would be great! I say YES to a podcast!!!

  2. I’ve listened to you guys since you were in Charlotte. I listened mainly to podcasts. I actually listened live when you were in Madison as I liked the genre of music. Not so much on the Seattle station as there was not enough of you two and not my favorite music but I would listen to the little bit of podcasts there were. Please keep up updated on your future adventures.

  3. Of course we’d love a podcast! I hate that this happened again to you guys:( I am a fan from your Charlotte days and I have listened online to you in Madison and then Seattle. I don’t understand radio and I think it’s pretty crappy that you get a good following and then they abruptly take you off the air with no explanation to listeners. Although I wasn’t crazy about the music at your last station I did listen online just to hear you guys. You two are funny, creative, and give a lot back to whatever community you are in. Any station would be lucky to have – and keep – you!! Get back on the air in whatever fashion ASAP – please:)

  4. A podcast from the kitchen….I would enjoy that. You both have become a part of my day and I wouldnt want to loose your humor.

  5. i was so sad when you guys left Charlotte, and I have continued to follow you guys through out, it has been super easy to identify with you, first I started out identifying with your great puppy stories, then being a fellow new parent around the same time you did once again a lot of what you talked about was extremely relevant to my life….and now the thought of a pod cast from the kitchen lends a charm to something that I already enjoyed…I mean what could be better then “coffee with candy and potter”

  6. Yes , and more Yesses to a Podcast…love u 2 and miss you already…. I must agree with the music venue as of late…not our thing but you made it fun and interesting…. will continue to follow u on FB an see where you land… hope u stay here in the PNW tho…. best of luck in finding what works for u both and the “Tiny Humans” lol… Keep in touch !!!

  7. Have you ever considered a morning show that is for parents, about parenting and addressing the needs of parents? Or even expanding that to grandparents? I think you could bring great comic relief to parenting 101, and you guys are really amazing parents, so the good role model thing is in the bag! I know it’s a limited demographic, but so is a station that has music that not all of us are in to!

  8. Charlotte listener here since your days with The Link (which is hiring for midday talent again, coughcoughnudgenudge.) I’d definitely listen to the podcast!

  9. Yes Podcast! I miss you guys in the morning! You guys make my morning commute so much better…til one morning I turned on the radio and i didn’t hear you guys. I thought I was on the wrong radio station…nope you guys weren’t on the second morning either. You guys are my favorite people to listen too. I listened to the station purely for you guys. It’s the stations lost to let you guys go. I hope to hear you guys soon and I wish you guys the best! =)

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