Candy + Potter LIVE! (From Our Kitchen)

We’re working on figuring out what’s next for us professionally, and decided to have some fun in the meantime! There was a lot of interest expressed here on the blog and on Facebook for a live stream, a podcast or YouTube Channel. So first up, we’re combining all 3!

On Monday (3/23) at Noon PT, we’ll stream a live video “show” from our kitchen table. And I use the word “show” loosely. It’s nothing too fancy, just a high tech hello and an update on things. Hope you can join us!

Got a question you want answered? Comment below, or reach out to us via any of the methods here.

HOW TO WATCH: Just come back here to on Monday (3/23) at Noon PT:


13 thoughts on “Candy + Potter LIVE! (From Our Kitchen)”

  1. Oh my god I love you two! I haven’t listened to a show during my lunch break since you left Charlotte…no joke. I was so happy to realize I could totally in to you today while eating lunch. The last bit of your show was hilarious!

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