REPLAY: Candy + Potter LIVE! (From Our Kitchen)

We’re working on figuring out what’s next for us professionally, and decided to have some fun in the meantime! There was a lot of interest expressed here on the blog and on Facebook for a live stream, a podcast or YouTube Channel. So first up, we combined all 3!

On Monday we streamed a live video “show” from our kitchen table. And I use the word “show” loosely. It wasn’t too fancy, just a high tech hello and an update on things. Here’s the replay:


16 thoughts on “REPLAY: Candy + Potter LIVE! (From Our Kitchen)”

  1. I watched this. It amused me. I would like it to be a bit shorter so i can watch it without kiddos interupting. But overall.. Thanks for your honesty.

  2. Caught the replay! Love it. If I ever figure out the time difference, I may watch live! Love you guys….

  3. Loved it!! I am glad you two did this!! I really miss hearing you on the radio!! Too bad you can’t do Can’t Beat Candy!! !I really missed that segment!!! I wish you two all the luck!! I look forward to more shows!!!

  4. About the haunted house. Check the view in the window over your shoulder at 1:40 mark of your podcast. I think it is the ghost checking in. Loved the show.

  5. Finally got to watch it, and I loved it! You two are so down to earth it feels like we’re old friends. Keep up the podcasts! Pants optional. Lol

  6. Nice job! Nice way to end my day, as I just got home. If Neil Patrick Harris can do the Oscars in his underwear, I don’t know why Jerry can’t! Strong work and keep it up!

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