Candy + Potter

Candy + Potter, 5 Days A Week?

We have a plan! It might be ambitious but we’re going to try it.

Many of you expressed interest in a podcast and many wanted to be able to listen on the way to work. So we are going to have a new episode every weekday morning!

This is a new challenge for us as we are doing it from our house. Unlike our radio show we aren’t set up to take callers and we won’t be playing music. Here is the plan

  • The length of each episode will probably vary, but we are planning on 15-30 minutes a day
  • We’re going to cover pop culture, what’s going on in our lives and are working on a few features
  • We NEED you to interact! Hopefully you’ll continue to comment here on the blog, or message us
  • The first episode will be posted Monday morning (3/30/15) here at
  • You will be able to subscribe to it as a traditional podcast
  • You will also be able to just come to the website and hit play, or listen in an App on your smartphone/tablet

All the details coming with the first episode Monday morning! And as always, keep the feedback coming, good or bad.



6 thoughts on “Candy + Potter, 5 Days A Week?”

  1. I’m excited!! As an avid listener of the morning show I always find myself turning it down for the music and turning it up when you guys are on! 😉 A podcast sounds great! I’m even more excited because you’re kicking it off on my golden birthday! You guys are awesome!!

    -Steph, MLT

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