Our April Fool’s Day Pranks

It’s been years since we’ve done an April Fool’s Day prank on the radio. We never wanted to do it unless we felt like we had something GREAT! The goal was always to do something fun that wouldn’t actually hurt anyone. Here are a couple of my favorites. The second one was probably the one we got in the most trouble for…

1) When ringtones were EXPLODING we flipped the format of the radio station (WFLY/Albany) to “All Ringtones, All The Time!”

Ringtones were selling for more money than the actual songs so it was a semi-believable format. All the songs were the ringtone version – We even had a jingle!

2) For an entire week we promoted that on Friday morning (which was 4/1) we’d be hosting a fundraiser for the FFF, the Forgotten Feline Fund. Then on Friday morning we did the show “live” from the Cat Catapulting League event. Listen as we used sound effects to bring it to life…

It’s not in the clip but we kept defending it by saying they were specially trained “Cathletes,” and of course that cats always land on their feet. Looking back it may have been in poor taste, but we were a young radio show trying to make a mark. And most people seemed to enjoy it.


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