My Mom Was On CNN

As I was watching the chaotic scenes in Baltimore unfold on TV, a series of emotions were flooding my mind. Then amongst the violent protesters…I saw my mom.

OK, to be fair, this woman didn’t give birth to me, but I think in this moment she channeled my mother before distributing the most powerful mom moment ever.

My eyes were glued watching this swift “mom justice”. I even texted my own mom.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.01.27 PM

No one should resort to physical violence BUT this woman saw her teenage son making a bad decision and took immediate action. Will she suffer the consequences of slapping around her kid on live TV? Maybe.

I’m an adult and I still remember that look my mom would give us.

One time we were in the grocery store and my brother and I were playing catch down the aisle with a grapefruit. My mom appeared out of nowhere, pinched the back of my elbow and in a creepy, monotone whisper, said, “I didn’t raise you like that. Did I?” It was simply terrifying.

The National Guard is being sent in to protect the city of Baltimore.

Maybe we should send in the moms.


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