Holidays Make You Cheat On Your Spouse

A new survey says Mother’s Day makes women want to cheat on their husband. What!?!

The world’s most popular website for cheating,, says the most popular days for sign ups are the day after Valentine’s Day and the day after Mother’s Day.

I’m gonna guess that adult women aren’t spending Mother’s Day with their Mom telling them, “You should go cheat on your husband.” So similar to Valentine’s Day, they’re disappointed enough in the way they were treated on this ONE DAY that they’ve decided to have an affair!

I believe your significant other should make you relatively happy MOST days. And if they don’t, one holiday isn’t going to change that. If my wife was a constant disappointment, then for Father’s Day she sent me to Vegas for the weekend with my buddies, it wouldn’t immediately change the way I feel.

For Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day, I usually take my wife out for a nice meal and might give her a card. I also try and make sure she misses all the dirty diapers as much as I can. She seems to be content with that. If she wasn’t I hope she’d tell me.

I am a husband that is full of flaws but I try my best. If the happiness in my relationship ever comes down to 2 holidays a year, I’ve probably got bigger problems to worry about.

How important is the way you are treated on holidays to you?


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