#31Acts31Days: The First 10 Days

I’m now 10 days into my 31 Acts in 31 Days challenge. It’s been fun! Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Interrupted some tourists to tell them where to get off the light rail – The stop they were planning on would require a MUCH longer walk
  2. Picked up poop left by another person’s dog
  3. Used a gift card I had to take a friend who is also out-of-work out to lunch
  4. Told a stay-at-home mom at the playground about all the cool/cheap/free stuff I’ve found for kids this summer
  5. Gave up my seat on the bus to so a guy could sit with his kid
  6. Let someone who seemed rushed at the grocery store cut in front me.
  7. Did some positive trolling – The Internet is FULL of negativity, so I intentionally surfed around complimenting people.

Is it true that 10 days in I’ve only completed 7 things? Yes. It’s mainly because I’ve been waiting for opportunities to arise. Now I’m starting to plan some ahead of time. Thanks for following along – I’m sharing in hopes others will be inspired to go slightly out of their way to improve someone else’s day!


6 thoughts on “#31Acts31Days: The First 10 Days”

  1. Don’t forget rescuing the dog from wandering around the parking lot. That may have been the greatest kindness of all.

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