Brand New Weekly Podcast

Thank you to all of you for your support as we’ve gone through a change in our lives! Finding another show together is difficult when you’re not willing to move.

As you may have seen on Facebook Candy just accepted a full-time job. She’s joining the Ron & Don Show weekday afternoons on KIRO Radio. It’s a big show with a huge audience and she’s super excited! Plus she really likes her new co-workers. She’ll be doing traffic during the show every 10 minutes and participating when they need her. She is also doing some reporting, a lot of social media and behind-the-scenes stuff. I’m really excited for her!

I am still looking for my next full-time job and continue to fill-in on Warm 106.9. It’s also been a blast spending the summer with our 5-year-old Tiny Human and going on all kinds of adventures! He is headed back to school this week.

We enjoy working together and have fun conversations all the time whether they are being recorded or not, so we decided to start a brand new weekly podcast. The first episode will post this Friday and a new episode will post every Friday.

We are calling it a new podcast because we are tweaking it to make it more mass-appeal. The goal is to create something that people who listened to our radio show will enjoy as well as people who have never heard of us. So we’ve decided to do a podcast about relationships:

“LOVE 101: We explore the ever-changing world of dating and relationships. We’ve been married over a decade, but we are still figuring it out!”

We’ll discuss dating, relationships, new studies and of course the stories and experiences from our lives (and friend’s & listener’s lives). And our Tiny Human will be part of it sometimes too.

I hope you’ll check it out. If you’re already subscribed to our podcast then you will get the new episodes when they start because they’ll be in the same feed.

Got any feedback? Let me know!



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