Love 101 Podcast: Episode 6

In this episode:

  • Which would you rather have in a boyfriend/girlfriend, someone who is “Too Athletic” or “Not Athletic?”
  • How Candy would dress every day if she let Potter pick out her clothes
  • The 2/2/2 Rule of Relationships that’s blowing up the Internet.

(Player might buffer for a few seconds before starting)

Love 101 is a weekly podcast where we explore the ever-changing world of dating & relationships. We’ve been married over a decade, but we are still figuring it out. New episodes every Friday!

Thank you for checking this out! There are 3 ways to listen:

  1. As a podcast! If you want to subscribe through iTunes you can use this link. If you use other podcasting software you can use this link.
  2. In an App! Our podcasts are posted through audioBoom. If you download the Free App for Android and iOS devices you can listen right from your phone or tablet. Once you install, just search for “candyandpotter” and follow us. You’ll get the new episode in your app each day.
  3. Simply click the player above in this post. New episodes will be posted here on our blog daily. The one downside of this method is it doesn’t work as well on mobile devices. You can also subscribe to the blog on the left side of the page and you’ll get an email when we post something new. It looks like this:

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THANK YOU so much for listening. And if you enjoy it please share it with anyone else that might like it! -Potter


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