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Caitlyn Jenner Uses Bathroom – And It’s News?

Are we still on the bathroom thing? OK, just checking.

Presidential candidate Donald Trump said Caitlyn Jenner (formally Bruce Jenner) was welcome to use any restroom she wanted to at one of his buildings.

So she went to the…bathroom? Seriously, why is this news?

In a Facebook video Caitlyn Jenner explained her wonderful bathroom experience.

After using the women’s restroom, she commented, “Thank you, Donald, really appreciate it. And by the way, Ted (Cruz) , nobody got molested!”

See the video here.

This bizarre video stems from transgender bathroom laws in states like North Carolina.

The law says you must you the bathroom that conforms to your birth gender. Many business say they absolutely will not enforce such a measure by discriminating against customers but they will continue to make sure safety is a top priority for everyone.




Tracy Morgan to Host ‘SNL’ in 1st Show Since His Accident

This is not going to be a popular opinion BUT….Comedian Tracy Morgan is about to make a huge mistake.

NBC said on Monday that Tracy is scheduled to host “SNL” on Oct. 17th in one of its first new episodes of the fall season. This is a publicity stunt, I just hope the NBC brass have taken Tracy’s future into consideration.  Will this be the show where fans look at him with those pitiful, sorry, he’s-so-sad eyes?

We’ve all seen it. Often times when a performer isn’t well, she continues to perform and audiences suddenly have a changed perception of them. They are no longer amazing and are now looked at as tragic.  

He was critically injured in a car accident just a year ago and now Tracy Morgan will return to host “Saturday Night Live” in his first announced performance since the accident.

Now, I like Tracy Morgan. He has been an incredibly successful comedian. Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock and countless writing projects. BUT he has had a long road to recovery. What if he lost his spark?  I’d rather remember him as the goofy guy on 30 Rock.  

He said in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show in June that he hoped to return to comedy when he was able, adding, “When I’m there, you’ll know it. I’ll get back to making you laugh. I promise you.”

Let’s raise a glass to good health and pray that I’m wrong and he’ll appear healthy when he hits the SNL stage this fall because social media trolls will tear him and NBC apart if he’s not.

Taylor Swift’s Bad Blood Video = #squadgoals

So, Taylor Swift’s new video for the song “Bad Blood” has just been released. Let’s just say the entire video is a Buzzfeed “Can We Guess Your Age?” quiz.

When Taylor decides she’s going to enlist her squad for a video, she goes all out. Now, if you watch this and think, “Wait…who is that?” Here’s the list:

1. Selena Gomez  2. Lily Aldridge 3. Zendya 4. Hayley Williams 5. Gigi Hadid 6. Ellie Goulding 7. Hailee Steinfeld 8. Lena Dunham 9. Karlie Kloss 10. Serayah 11.Jessica Alba 12. Martha Hunt 13. Ellen Pompeo 14. Cara Delevingne 15. Mariska Hargitay 16. Cindy Crawford and I might have missed some.

From what I hear, everyone picked their own name for the Sin City like project.

Slay on ladies, slay on.

Click to see the video and take a shot every time you see “cat eye” eye liner.

Bad Blood Video – Taylor Swift

My Mom Was On CNN

As I was watching the chaotic scenes in Baltimore unfold on TV, a series of emotions were flooding my mind. Then amongst the violent protesters…I saw my mom.

OK, to be fair, this woman didn’t give birth to me, but I think in this moment she channeled my mother before distributing the most powerful mom moment ever.

My eyes were glued watching this swift “mom justice”. I even texted my own mom.

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 4.01.27 PM

No one should resort to physical violence BUT this woman saw her teenage son making a bad decision and took immediate action. Will she suffer the consequences of slapping around her kid on live TV? Maybe.

I’m an adult and I still remember that look my mom would give us.

One time we were in the grocery store and my brother and I were playing catch down the aisle with a grapefruit. My mom appeared out of nowhere, pinched the back of my elbow and in a creepy, monotone whisper, said, “I didn’t raise you like that. Did I?” It was simply terrifying.

The National Guard is being sent in to protect the city of Baltimore.

Maybe we should send in the moms.

New Seahawks Schedule

I am not a huge football fan – there I said it. BUT I enjoy the social aspect of going to a game, hosting a football party and watching the oldest tiny human try keep score. While he’s doing this, I’m secretly wishing he won’t turn around and ask me a football question. “I have no idea buddy, let’s look it up,” is heard quite a bit around my house during football season.

So for all of you die hard 12’s, I salute you and admire your passion. I’ll be over here, learning how to make Seahawk jello shots.

Friday Aug. 14 Denver Broncos 7:00 p.m. Q13 FOX
Friday Aug. 21 at Kansas City Chiefs 5:00 p.m. Q13 FOX
Saturday Aug. 29 at San Diego Chargers 5:00 p.m. CBS
Thursday Sept. 3 Oakland Raiders 7:00 p.m. Q13 FOX
Sunday Sept. 13 at St. Louis Rams 10:00 a.m. FOX
Sunday Sept. 20 at Green Bay Packers 5:30 p.m. NBC
Sunday Sept. 27 Chicago Bears 1:25 p.m. CBS
Monday Oct. 5 Detroit Lions 5:30 p.m. ESPN
Sunday Oct. 11 at Cincinnati Bengals 10:00 a.m. FOX
Sunday Oct. 18 Carolina Panthers 1:05 p.m. FOX
Thursday Oct. 22 at San Francisco 49ers 5:25 p.m. CBS
Sunday Nov. 1 at Dallas Cowboys 1:25 p.m. FOX
Sunday Nov. 8 Bye Week
Sunday Nov. 15 Arizona Cardinals 5:30 p.m. NBC
Sunday Nov. 22 San Francisco 49ers 1:25 p.m. FOX
Sunday Nov. 29 Pittsburgh Steelers 1:25 p.m. CBS
Sunday Dec. 6 at Minnesota Vikings 10:00 AM FOX
Sunday Dec. 13 at Baltimore Ravens 5:30 p.m. NBC
Sunday Dec. 20 Cleveland Browns 1:05 p.m. FOX
Sunday Dec. 27 St. Louis Rams 1:25 p.m. FOX
Sunday Jan. 3, 2016 at Arizona Cardinals 1:25 p.m. FOX

Angelina Jolie Surgery Bombshell

Two years after Angelina Jolie revealed she’d undergone a double mastectomy, she dropped another bombshell: last week she had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

I don’t know, everytime I see Angelina Jolie on the byline, I read the essay. She just throws herself out there….it’s…it’s brave. The story she wrote was in the New York Timesnot a gossip website. In it, she reveals that while she’d been planning the surgery for some time, preparing herself “physically and emotionally” – she believed she had months to schedule it. But a blood test revealed that wasn’t the case.

She says, “In my case, the Eastern and Western doctors I met agreed that surgery to remove my tubes and ovaries was the best option, because on top of the BRCA gene, three women in my family have died from cancer.”

She went on to reveal she is currently taking hormone replacements, but says she is now in menopause.

“I will not be able to have any more children, and I expect some physical changes,” she writes. “But I feel at ease with whatever will come, not because I am strong but because this is a part of life. It is nothing to be feared.” 

If anyone looks at her and thinks, “Yeah…but isn’t she the girl who wore blood around her neck and mouth kissed her brother? And isn’t she the one who broke up Jennifer Aniston’s happy marriage?”  Yes, she was that woman but I still want to be as badass as her one day.  ~candy  

The Future of Candy + Potter

As Spring is upon us, it reminds everyone of new beginnings and change. [That was just a nice positive “Instagrammy” inspirational quote. Right?]

As of March 17th we are no longer the morning show on Hot 103.7. That’s pretty much the whole story.

We genuinely appreciate the time you spent playing with us every morning and especially all of the hours you contributed to The Candy+Potter Volunteer Army and helped in your community. (Even though The Candy +Potter Volunteer Army won’t live on at HOT 103.7 Seattle, please continue your volunteering enthusiasm and find another way to give your time to a local charity.)

What’s next?  We are working on that as you read this. And in the meantime we are doing a new show from our kitchen table every morning. Check it out here.

Uncertainty is scary, but when it comes down to it we have two healthy/goofy Tiny Humans at home who were thrilled to eat cereal with mom & dad this morning and argue about why wearing a Batman costume to preschool is perfectly acceptable.

Please keep in touch! Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Instagram, subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel so we can keep in touch and share our adventures with you (and share in your adventures too).

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