Candy + Potter CARaoke!

I ordered a Selfie Stick. Go ahead and mock me all you want, but nobody is forcing you to buy one. 🙂 It just helps us shoot photos and videos from different and fun angles.

It came in the mail from Amazon as we were on our way out the door so I opened it in the car. And then this happened…

Apologies for the singing…


Candy + Potter LIVE! (From Our Kitchen)

We’re working on figuring out what’s next for us professionally, and decided to have some fun in the meantime! There was a lot of interest expressed here on the blog and on Facebook for a live stream, a podcast or YouTube Channel. So first up, we’re combining all 3!

On Monday (3/23) at Noon PT, we’ll stream a live video “show” from our kitchen table. And I use the word “show” loosely. It’s nothing too fancy, just a high tech hello and an update on things. Hope you can join us!

Got a question you want answered? Comment below, or reach out to us via any of the methods here.

HOW TO WATCH: Just come back here to on Monday (3/23) at Noon PT:

Podcast, Anyone?

The last 2 days have been a roller coaster of emotions. Losing your job can leave you with an empty feeling inside. One upside of losing a radio job is that in addition to getting support from friends & family, we also have gotten an incredible amount of support from listeners and clients, and for that THANK YOU! You are amazing.


Special thanks to Brandon for the threat/laugh!

We are now figuring out what’s next for Candy and I and of course our family. Will we get a job together again? Will we be on different shows? Will one of us get a job outside of radio? Should we do a podcast in the meantime?

So that’s what I’d like to know – Would a podcast be of any interest to you if we could make that happen? It wouldn’t be super-polished as it would probably be live from our kitchen. We couldn’t take phone calls (my favorite part of our radio show). It would mostly be us sharing our lives.

So…Podcast, anyone?

The Future of Candy + Potter

As Spring is upon us, it reminds everyone of new beginnings and change. [That was just a nice positive “Instagrammy” inspirational quote. Right?]

As of March 17th we are no longer the morning show on Hot 103.7. That’s pretty much the whole story.

We genuinely appreciate the time you spent playing with us every morning and especially all of the hours you contributed to The Candy+Potter Volunteer Army and helped in your community. (Even though The Candy +Potter Volunteer Army won’t live on at HOT 103.7 Seattle, please continue your volunteering enthusiasm and find another way to give your time to a local charity.)

What’s next?  We are working on that as you read this. And in the meantime we are doing a new show from our kitchen table every morning. Check it out here.

Uncertainty is scary, but when it comes down to it we have two healthy/goofy Tiny Humans at home who were thrilled to eat cereal with mom & dad this morning and argue about why wearing a Batman costume to preschool is perfectly acceptable.

Please keep in touch! Friend us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter & Instagram, subscribe to this blog and our YouTube channel so we can keep in touch and share our adventures with you (and share in your adventures too).

Want to hit up Jeetz? He’s on Twitter @jeetzradio.



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Tell Your Therapist

My tiny humans are 4.5 and 1.5 so parenting around our house is still hovering and keeping them alive 24/7.

Occasionally, you’ll say something like, “No spaghetti noodles in the electrical outlet!” OR “No, you can’t pee in your garbage can.” And when those amazing parenting moments happen, I think to myself – someday this tiny human will pay a therapist $300 to tell him that his mom didn’t support his creativity.

Yesterday, I had to tell my tiny human no he couldn’t open every freezer door in the grocery store. As he cried uncontrollably for a minute, the woman behind me said, “You should give that baby some love!”

She seemed shocked when I replied, “Thanks for your unsolicited parental advice.”

Potter’s Soda Challenge: Day 1


My name is Potter, and I LOVE Soda (or Pop if you prefer).  I know it’s not great for me but there are worse things I could be putting into my body right?

Candy (who also happens to be my wife) is concerned about my health and wants me to cut back. Today she became convinced that if I could see visually how much soda I’m drinking I’d probably quit right away. So she asked me to save every can and carry it around with me for a week.

Why in the world would I agree to that? 

Because she offered be a Free Day to do whatever I want, guilt-free. We have 2 boys under 4 at home so that is an AWESOME offer.

Our producer Jeetz is supporting the idea – Not because he cares about my health, but because he wants to see me walking around town with a big bag of empty cans.

So starting today, I will save every can of pop I drink and take it with me. If we’re at a restaurant with fountain drinks I’ll have to get extra cans to represent those glasses to fill my bag (which I can borrow from my Dad). This will last through Sunday.

I have’t promised to quit or cut back, but Candy is hoping seeing how much I’m drinking will shock me into improving my health. Probably not though. 🙂