The Future of Candy + Potter

As Spring is upon us, it reminds everyone of new beginnings and change. [That was just a nice positive “Instagrammy” inspirational quote. Right?]

As of March 17th we are no longer the morning show on Hot 103.7. That’s pretty much the whole story.

We genuinely appreciate the time you spent playing with us every morning and especially all of the hours you contributed to The Candy+Potter Volunteer Army and helped in your community. (Even though The Candy +Potter Volunteer Army won’t live on at HOT 103.7 Seattle, please continue your volunteering enthusiasm and find another way to give your time to a local charity.)

What’s next?  We are working on that as you read this. And in the meantime we are doing a new show from our kitchen table every morning. Check it out here.

Uncertainty is scary, but when it comes down to it we have two healthy/goofy Tiny Humans at home who were thrilled to eat cereal with mom & dad this morning and argue about why wearing a Batman costume to preschool is perfectly acceptable.

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54 thoughts on “The Future of Candy + Potter”

  1. I am so, so sorry to hear that! Totally Seattle’s loss! And I concur wth Sharon, we would welcome you with open arms back to Madison. Hugs to you all! And I think it would be pretty cool if TH wears his costume wherever he goes.

  2. Wasn’t a great fit for you two. Prayers that something local pops up. You two are way to talented to be unemployed for long….  

    1. Regardless of what happened with me not listening, since i got the email.. Im.sorry for you two. Its hard not having a job. Best luck to you!

      1. It’s definitely a little scary, especially since it’s both of us. That being said being in radio leads to you plan for these possibilities and we’ll be fine. Excited for whatever is next. Thanks Jenny! -Potter

  3. Once again we are all left in the dark, we will miss you both and hope that you and yours find a new endeavor that make everyone happy. Keep us posted.

  4. so not right. You guys rock and it sucks this keeps happening to you, i just don’t get it!! All the best in the future, I know you will land on your feet! Enjoy the time with your cuties 🙂

  5. Once again subjected to the “involuntary career redirection”. Wherever you land, be sure we can stream your show – even if it’s the kitchen table podcasts. (It would be better to hear you local in the Charlotte market again.) Best of luck to you and the tiny humans!

  6. So frustrated! Missed you after KMPS (idiots), then was thrilled to hear you on 103.7, which I didn’t even know about until you guys joined and have enjoyed the station. Now they dumped you (idiots). Grr keep us updated where we can get our Candy and Potter fix! You guys are great and doing wonderful things. I hope you can stay in Seattle (for me), but also so you can stay close to your extended family. Best of luck!!

  7. Going to miss you guys in the morning. I’m part of the 530 club and you made my commute from Arlington to Mountlake Terrace easier. Love listening to stories about the tiny humans, can’t beat candy, etc every morning gong to work. I hope this opens up some great doors for you. Going to miss you.

    1. Yay #530club! Thanks Carena. My hope is 6 months from now we’ll look back and things will be better than ever. In the meantime our Tiny Humans are happy and healthy, and we get to see them every morning! -Potter

    1. Thanks Kat – I appreciate it. We’ll be updating the blog as much as we can as well as Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (wherever you happen to play).

  8. Sad!! That’s twice I’ve had to see you go from the radio 😦 Best of luck to you in your future. I’ve been following you since you left last time, so I will continue. Will keep you all in my prayers that you find a place that is right for you!

  9. Would love to have you back in Charlotte on WLNK. Midday hasn’t been the same since you left. Wishing you the best😄

  10. Love y’all, I’ve been following you on podcasts since you were on in Charlotte. Any station would be lucky to have you!!

  11. This is some bull. I wasnt ready for this. Best wishes and please land somewhere on the air in Seattle so I can hear ya again.

  12. Wtf? I love you guys, you are the reason I even listened to 103.7. Made our long commute enjoyable. Hope you get to stay in Seattle!

  13. I am so bummed that you and Candy are no longer on the radio!! You guys and Jeetz got me through the morning on the way to work and at work!! I will miss Can’t Beat Candy!!! I wanted to play, but was always on the road!!! I loved how Candy and Jeetz did Tindr!!!! That always cracked me up!!! I hope you stay in Seattle!!!

  14. I know how great it is when you get to be home with your tiny humans. My boys LOVE to wear their superhero pajamas everywhere. And I let them because it’s part of the magic of their childhood. Watching them enjoy that is part of the magic of being a parent.

  15. WELP! Now I gotta find a new morning show 😫 im gonna miss you guys!! Hopefully y’all stick around Seattle because you guys are great! Hopefully we hear from you soon!! Have fun!!

  16. I went on vacation and had no idea you were gone, until I couldn’t find you . What am I supposed to listen to at 5:30 on my drive in to work now? It’s sad. Good luck in the future. You guys are great!!!

    1. Thanks Gary! Hoping to stay on the air somewhere but we’ll see! Subscribe to the blog here or follow us on Facebook if you’d like us to keep you up to date.

  17. I’m probably going to be late for work because I kept searching for your latest podcast then realized all your material was gone from the Hot website. Sooo disappointed – I listen to your show every morning. Best of luck finding another position where your talent is appreciated and I’ll keep following!

  18. So sad to find you gone! I have been asking myself for a week now where you were and I had to find you again! I am now a member of your podcast and will follow you on facebook and twitter. I selfishly want you to stay in radio and in Seattle! You certainly have a loyal fan base all over the country though!

  19. I am just so sad about this! I missed you both when you left kmps and was so excited to find you again on 103.7….. I miss you guys and jeetz on my drive to work! I know you will find your next adventure where you can use your talents to continue to entertain! Smiles to you both!

  20. love you guys, and love being able to see and hear you on FB in my feed! Don’t love hearing the usual radio story though , but , you will keep on trucking and as you know, will be lead to bigger and better things. I am loving this kitchen show idea!! It’s been years, but I still think of you both and am happy to see you both doing what you love! 🙂 ❤ Love, WonderWoman

    1. So sweet! Thank you for the kind words, you know how radio is. We’ll keep you posted as to what will happen next. Hope all is well with you!

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